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PACT Act goes into effect tomorrow

Posted by James in Snus news

For all of you who live in the United States and order your Snus online, July 1st marks the day in which the much dreaded PACT Act goes into effect. Many Snus retailers such as Northerner have been working hard to become PACT compliant and are currently able to ship Snus to most states in the U.S. The following brands of Snus will be available for

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Knox White Portion Review Thumbnail

Knox White Portion Review

Posted by James in Snus reviews

For the past few days, I have been snusing Knox White. Knox is a discount Snus manufactured by Skruf Snus AB, the makers of the popular Skruf lineup of Snus. It is marketed as a high quality Snus at an affordable price. Taste Immediately after I put the portion in, I noticed that Knox has quite a mild and pleasant tobacco flavor. After about

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Funny PACT Act Photo Thumbnail

Funny PACT Act Photo

Posted by James in Misc

I found this photo on the net and thought it was pretty hilarious. If anyone knows the origin of the photo, let me know so I can give the creator some credit in this post. I must say, I'm  envious of his Snus collection! The SnusX kits look pretty neat, and eventually I'd like to try making my own Snus and posting the experience here on Snus Autho

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State of the Snunion Thumbnail

State of the Snunion

Posted by James in Site news

It is now nearing two months since I started Snus Authority with the goal of providing readers quality reviews of many different brands of Snus and Snus acessories. Since then, I have had the opportunity to expand my tastes and try a whole lot of Snus that I would have never tried otherwise, and I am grateful for the opportunity. Many readers now h

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General Portion Snus

Posted by James in Snus reviews

Introduced in 1985 by Swedish Match, the General line of Snus has become one of the most popular brands of Snus today in Sweden. The General brand is also starting to become a popular variety of Snus in the United States, where many tobacconists are starting to carry General Portion along with a few others from the General lineup. I've been meaning

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Skruf Cranberry Review Thumbnail

Skruf Cranberry Review

Posted by James in Snus reviews

One type of Snus that I have been looking forward to reviewing is Skruf Cranberry. I am a big fan of Skruf Original and Skruf Stark, so naturally I had to give the cranberry flavored variety a try. Skruf Cranberry is manufactured by Skruf AB, and the Skruf lineup is a popular and well-liked variety of Snus. Taste: Skruf Cranberry Snus comes

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Double up on Jakobsson’s Snus in June! Thumbnail

Double up on Jakobsson’s Snus in June!

Posted by James in Snus news

Just wanted to let everyone know that Northerner is offering to double your order on Jakobsson's Snus for the rest of this month! Just take a look at this handy graphic that illustrates the deal: I'm a big fan of Jakobsson's Icefruit Snus, so I know I'll be putting in a good sized order sometime soon to take advantage of this.

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Marlboro Snus

Posted by James in Snus info

Update: Phillip Morris is currently running a Marlboro Snus Challenge from Feb 14th-April 10th, 2011. I wish everyone who enters the best of luck! I figured that since I've already done a little write up about Camel Snus flavors, I may as well outline the Marlboro Snus flavors. Marlboro Snus is available in the following flavors:

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