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Kardus Superior Blend 2010

Posted by James in Snus news

[Update: 2010 Kardus review can be found here] Every year since 2005, Swedish Match has released a limited edition snus known as Kardus. Created from the finest tobaccos, Kardus is billed as being "A highly exclusive snus for the true connoisseur." Only the finest tobacco is used to make each year's batch of limited edition Kardus (only

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Cool Lucky Strike Nites Dispensers Thumbnail

Cool Lucky Strike Nites Dispensers

Posted by James in Snus accessories

The following photos are of some pretty cool Lucky Strike dispensers that exist in some Swedish stores. I would love to have one of these at home since not only does it dispense snus, but it also keeps it nice and cold!

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General Long Snus Review Thumbnail

General Long Snus Review

Posted by James in Snus reviews

So after a little while with no reviews, I have managed to obtain the newly released General Long Portion. Created by Swedish Match, General Long combines the delicious flavor of General Portion Snus with the slim portion design of 01 Original. The can also bears a new logo (a wing), which the symbolizes the power in the General taste and the free

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Fall, School, and Snus Thumbnail

Fall, School, and Snus

Posted by James in Snus experiences

With the labor day weekend now already a week behind us, most people have begun to brace for fall and the colder weather that it brings (for many parts of the world at least!). For me personally, it means a return to university after a fun and satisfying summer. It has also now been almost a year since I completely switched over from cigarettes to

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Labor day changes and more Thumbnail

Labor day changes and more

Posted by James in Site news

After some big news last week with the announcement of General Long and some new deals at Northerner, this cold and stormy (here at least!) Labor Day weekend has mainly been an editing and planning one for me. I have made several changes to old pages in order to fix errors, update links, and add new information. I have also been using Google Analyt

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General Long Snus Available Soon Thumbnail

General Long Snus Available Soon

Posted by James in Snus news

Earlier today (here in Eastern Daylight Time), I received a press release from Swedish Match announcing the launch of a new brand of snus, called General Long. This new brand comes in two varieties; General Long Portion and General Long Sterk. General Long portion comes with with 8mg of nicotine per 0.91 gram pouch, whereas the stronger General Lon

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