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McChrystals Menthol Snuff Review Thumbnail

McChrystals Menthol Snuff Review

Posted by James in Snuff Reviews

As keeping with my recent decision to expand Snus Authority to also include news and reviews on snuff tobacco (and related accessories), I have decided to review the first brand of snuff that I had the opportunity of trying out, McChrystal's Menthol. I'm still working on a standardized review format for snuff, and I welcome any feedback and/or comm

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General Onyx Review Thumbnail

General Onyx Review

Posted by James in Snus reviews

Not too long ago, I received a package of various brands of snus to review, courtesy of my friends over at Northerner. One of the brands contained in the package was General Onyx, a brand that I have been excited to try for a while now. Launched in 2006 by Swedish Match, General Onyx is a white portion snus and is produced with a special tobacco bl

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Gotländskt Julesnus Available Soon Thumbnail

Gotländskt Julesnus Available Soon

Posted by James in Snus news

It seems like Northerner is now taking pre-orders for Gotland's Julesnus, which is a special edition snus only available around the Christmas holidays. Julesnus is described as having a "Christmas-like" flavor, and has hints of wine, cinnamon, and ginger. A loose version is also available for pre-order. Unfortunately last year I didn't get around t

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Downtime, Bargains, and More! Thumbnail

Downtime, Bargains, and More!

Posted by James in Site news

Last Friday, the web server hosting Snus Authority was hacked, causing my account to be temporarily suspended while my account was migrated over to a new server. Unfortunately, this led to the site being down all weekend as I had to migrate everything over while having quite a busy weekend. I need to mention that my hosting provider Bounceweb has g

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Europeans For Snus Thumbnail

Europeans For Snus

Posted by James in Politics

Recently, European Union Parliament member Christofer Fjellner launched a petition in order to reverse the ban on the sale of snus within the European Union. The European Union banned snus in 1992 (with the exception of Sweden, who is exempt from this ban), basing their decision on a 1985 World Health Organization report that claimed the "oral us

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Offroad Long Cut Red Blend Thumbnail

Offroad Long Cut Red Blend

Posted by James in Snus reviews

Offroad Long Cut Red Blend is a a limited edition snus manufactured by V2 Tobacco of Silkeborg, Denmark. Created with American tastes in mind, Red Blend is a loose snus that is cut rather than ground up, making it look much more like American Dipping Tobacco rather than snus. Berry Blend is part of the Offroad Long Cut collection, which also includ

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IKEA Founder Ingvar Kamprad on Snus Thumbnail

IKEA Founder Ingvar Kamprad on Snus

Posted by James in Snus videos

In a recent interview, IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad shared his thoughts on the Swedish Government's recent decision to raise the taxes on snus within. Ingvar is one of the world's richest men, and has been using snus for approximately 60 years! I agree with him that raising taxes on the price of cigarettes would make more sense than increasing ta

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Thunder Extra Stark Berry Blend Thumbnail

Thunder Extra Stark Berry Blend

Posted by James in Snus reviews

Manufactured by V2 Tobacco, Thunder Extra Stark Berry Blend is a strong portion snus designed to give you that extra nicotine kick when you really need it. V2 calls Thunder Berry "an extra strong snus that comes on smooth and stays that way." Taste When I placed a portion of Thunder Berry in my mouth, I was greeted by a pleasant sweet

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