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Jakobsson’s Mint & Classic Strong Portion Thumbnail

Jakobsson’s Mint & Classic Strong Portion

Posted by James in Snus news

I've just learned that snus retailer Northerner has launched Jakobsson's Classic Strong Portion and Jakobsson's Mint Strong Portion. I'm a big fan of Jakobsson's Icefruit snus (and I enjoy Jakobsson's classic mint from time to time), so I'm looking forward to trying a strong mint variety with the same great taste as the original. Can't say that I'm

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Ettan Kardus Contest Thumbnail

Ettan Kardus Contest

Posted by James in Contests

This morning I awoke to find an e-mail from Northerner in my inbox, announcing that they are having a contest with 5 boxes of Ettan Kardus as prizes! All you need to do to enter the contest is to like Northerner on Facebook, and you are automatically eligible to win one of the boxes. No word on when the contest will end yet, but I imagine that it

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Ettan Loose Snus Thumbnail

Ettan Loose Snus

Posted by James in Snus reviews

Ettan loose snus is one of Sweden's oldest brands of snus, having been created by Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf in 1822. Since then, Ettan has remained one of the most popular brands of snus, and is known for its great taste and high quality. Upon putting some Ettan loose in my mouth, I noticed a smooth (and dominant) smokey tobacco flavor with a

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Northerner Snus Megasale Thumbnail

Northerner Snus Megasale

Posted by James in Snus news

Looks like Northerner is having a "while supplies last" sale on certain brands of snus, and is selling cans assorted cans of Thunder, Offroad, and Fellini snus at some really good prices. 20 cans of Fellini snus for just a little over $10 is a steal!

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2010 Kardus Review Thumbnail

2010 Kardus Review

Posted by James in Limited edition snus, Snus reviews

Just the other day (and much to my surprise!) a package arrived at my door. It turned out to be an early Christmas gift, the new 2010 Kardus Superior Blend from the folks over at BuySnus! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kardus, it is a premium snus manufactured each year in limited quantities by Swedish Match. Created using only the fine

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The Snuff Taker’s Ephemeris Thumbnail

The Snuff Taker’s Ephemeris

Posted by James in Snus news

Recently snus and snuff tobacco fans Mick and Feck from SnusCENTRAL have created a print magazine known as The Snuff Taker's Ephemeris. The magazine features articles from prominent snus bloggers and aficionados Larry Waters of SnusCENTRAL and Anthony Haddad, the founder of DrSnus. For those of you wondering what kind of material will b

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