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Jakobsson’s Strong Melon Review

Posted by James in Snus reviews

After a bit of a hiatus here on Snus Authority, I've come back with a review of Jakobsson's Strong Melon here for readers to enjoy. Strong Melon is a relatively new release from the folks at Jakobsson's, and it caters to a newly emerging demand for more fruit flavored snus brands. Every can of Strong Melon portion contains 20 grams of snus, and St

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Snus and Sports

Posted by James in Snus experiences

For the past month, I've been pretty busy and haven't had the opportunity to post as much as I'd like to here on Snus Authority. However, I've been trying to put aside some time so that I can continue posting snus news, reviews, and other goodies here, and today I've decided to write a little piece on my experiences with snus while playing sports.

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