Getting started with Snus

The best way to try out Snus is to take a look at online Snus retailers, and order a few different cans of Snus that have flavors that appeal to you. Once you start using Snus, you will eventually develop a preference for certain brands over others. For example, my current daily Snus varies between Jakobsson’s Icefruit and Lucky Strike White. I also like to¬†occasionally¬†to have Goteborgs Rape during the day, which mixes things up with a mint and fruit flavor. Also, be sure to check out Snus Authority’s list of brands of snus sorted by flavor and nicotine content, which can help you to narrow down brands of Snus to try by looking for reviews of Snus flavors that may appeal to you.

Gotlandssnus Green, an apple flavored snus

Another good thing to do is order a Snus sampler pack, which ships you various brands of Snus for good prices. When I started Snusing, I got a try-out box from Northerner, and haven’t looked back. The try-out box will allow you to develop a taste preference for certain styles of Snus, while also providing you with samples of all the major Snus brands.

Alternatively, you can try out Camel or Marlboro Snus, although their flavors differ from Swedish Snus.

Good Luck, and happy Snusing!