How to Snus

How do I use Snus?

Using Snus is simple if you are using portioned Snus. Simply place the portion underneath your upper lip on the preferred side, and thats it! Over time, you will get used to placing the Snus there, and you will quickly get used to the feeling. There is no need to spit with Snus, although sometimes when you swallow a slight burning sensation occurs. This is normal, and is either due to excess salivation or by the use of very strong Snus. Due to the way snus is made, not many adverse health effects have been linked to Snus use.

How to use snus

How to use portioned Snus

Using los (loose) Snus is a little more difficult. In order to use los, you must first “bake” it into a little cylindrical shape which can then be used the same way as a portion of Snus. Below is an informative video on how to use los:

Alternatively, you can use an Icetool to create a pre-formed portion of los (loose) Snus.

Many different flavors of Snus exist, so make sure to check out Snus Authority’s snus brands and flavors list to see my take on different types of Swedish and American Snus.

For additional information, be sure to take a look at the following handy pages: