Snus terms

Snus, being a Swedish product, has some different terms that are important to know for the everyday Snuser. Below is a list of terms that are important to know while using Snus:

Bake: The process of forming a portion out of loose Snus. You can either do this by hand or by using an Icetool

Bergamot: A flavor present in many forms of Snus. Bergamot has a hint of citrus and is slightly sour.

GothiaTek: GothiaTek is a term that describes the manufacturing standards set by Swedish Match in order to create their Snus. It ensures that Swedish Match brand Snus is of the utmost quality. Read more about GothiaTek on Swedish Match’s GothiaTek page.

Los: “Loose” Snus. Los Snus usually comes in cans filled with 45g of loose snus (vs 24g for tins of portioned Snus)

Portioned Snus: Snus that comes pre-packaged in small, teabag-like packages.

Pris: A “pinch” of Snus. Generally refers to a small ball of Los Snus.

Prismaster: A tool designed to make a pris out of Los Snus (Icemaster is another similar tool).

Stark/Sterk: Strong Snus. Generally has a nicotine content of 12mg or higher. Ekstra Sterk contains an even higher nicotine content.