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Snus and Sports

Posted by James in Snus experiences

For the past month, I've been pretty busy and haven't had the opportunity to post as much as I'd like to here on Snus Authority. However, I've been trying to put aside some time so that I can continue posting snus news, reviews, and other goodies here, and today I've decided to write a little piece on my experiences with snus while playing sports.

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A Wet Wet Month Thumbnail

A Wet Wet Month

Posted by James in Snus experiences

Having gone all winter somehow managing to avoid getting sick, I became ill with a pretty nasty cold for most of last week. Fortunately, I have been feeling much better today and have decided to address some of the things I was able to ponder over while I was under the weather. Firstly, I find that certain brands of snus such as Catch Eucalyptus

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My Favorite Snus Brands of 2010 Thumbnail

My Favorite Snus Brands of 2010

Posted by James in Snus experiences

So now that 2010 has come to a close and we're already a few days in to the New Year, I've decided to look back on at my year of snus use. For those of you who don't know, I quit smoking over a year ago now thanks to snus (and in part e-cigarettes, which do a pretty good job at replicating the physical sensation of smoking). Since then, I've had ma

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Fall, School, and Snus Thumbnail

Fall, School, and Snus

Posted by James in Snus experiences

With the labor day weekend now already a week behind us, most people have begun to brace for fall and the colder weather that it brings (for many parts of the world at least!). For me personally, it means a return to university after a fun and satisfying summer. It has also now been almost a year since I completely switched over from cigarettes to

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Making Snus with SnusX

Posted by James in Snus experiences

Last week, I received a make your own snus kit called SnusX from V2 Tobacco. After setting aside some time to get started, I began work on creating my own flavors of snus! After reading about Chadizzy1's experience with SnusX, I decided to follow his measurement recommendations for single cans and see what kinds of new flavors of snus I could com

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The Top Five Nicest Snus Cans Thumbnail

The Top Five Nicest Snus Cans

Posted by James in Snus experiences

So I've decided to take a little break from all the snus reviewing and focus on something else for this post, can designs! I find that the majority of snus cans are very nicely designed, but some really stand out above the rest. Below is my top five favorite snus cans that I had the pleasure of owning so far. Number 5: 1847 by Phillip Morris

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Switching from smoking to Snus, my experience Thumbnail

Switching from smoking to Snus, my experience

Posted by James in Snus experiences

Before I found out about Snus, I was a smoker. I loved the feeling of having my first cigarette of the day, and I also enjoyed the act of actually smoking. The problem with smoking though, is that the downsides far outweigh the positives. This is my personal experience of switching from smoking cigarettes to using Snus.

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American vs Swedish Snus

Posted by James in Snus experiences

Although Snus is very popular in Sweden, it is not yet well established in other countries. Due to increased smoking bans and public awareness concerning the dangers of cigarette smoking, tobacco companies are beginning to start marketing and distributing Snus in countries other than Sweden. For example prominent tobacco companies such as Altria ha

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