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New Camel Snus Tin Design

Posted by James in Site news

Apparently this new ad for Camel Snus has been spotted running in the Car & Driver magazine. It looks like with the recent introduction of Winterchill and Robust to the Camel Snus lineup, R.J Reynolds has decided to give the brand a redesign. I think the new cans look pretty good compared to the old can design. Now lets just hope it one day Cam

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Camel Expands Snus Lineup

Posted by James in Snus news

According to this news story, two new flavors of Camel Snus called Robust and Winterchill will be available nationwide this summer. I am looking forward to trying out these new flavors to see what I think of them, especially since it appears that R.J. Reynolds made some changes to Camel Snus by increasing the amount of snus in each portion.

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Gotlandssnus Green

Posted by James in Snus reviews

So my order of new snus to review finally came in, which means I can get to work on trying all the new flavors! The first type that I was excited to try was Gotland Green. Manufactured by Gotlandssnus AB, Gotland's Green is marketed as a regular portion snus, and it has 9mg of nicotine per portion. Taste Upon putting a portion of Gotlandssnus

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New reviews coming soon!

Posted by James in Site news

Just wanted to let everyone know that I placed an order yesterday for some new kinds of snus to review. When the shipment comes in sometime this week expect reviews of the following brands of snus: Skruf Original Portion Snus Thunder Frosted Strong MINI Portion Gotlandssnus Grönsnus (Green) Portion Snus Offroad Cranberry Portion Snus P

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Goteborgs Rape Joint Challenge Limited Edition

Posted by James in Limited edition snus

Göteborgs Rapé by Swedish Match is a brand of snus known for going through many can redesigns while keeping the same great taste. Not too long ago, was kind enough to send me a limited edition "Joint Challenge" can of Göteborgs Rapé  to try out. The Joint Challenge can was produced in order to celebrate the Swedish Armed Forces

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Snus Ashtray by Skruf

Posted by James in Snus accessories

Not too long ago I was able to acquire an ashtray created by Skruf AB, the makers of the popular Skruf lineup of snus. The ashtray comes in three parts and makes it easy to dispose of snus while you're at home. My ashtray sits nicely on my computer desk, and I find that it looks clean and professional. It also has much more space for discarded snus

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Thunder Blue Review

Posted by James in Snus reviews

So after being on vacation for most of this week, I'm back with a new Snus review! Today on the chopping block is Thunder Blue, a snus sold exclusively by BuySnus. Thunder Blue is manufactured by V2 Tovacco, and is part of the Thunder lineup of snus. Taste Before I mention the taste of Thunder Blue, I'd like to briefly mention the smell. When

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Lack of updates recently

Posted by James in Site news

Just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates during the past few days. I've been on vacation this week, and am taking a few days off to relax. However, I will return to posting articles and reviews regularly this Friday!

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