Snus Brands and Flavors List

The following page lists brands of snus based upon their flavors. Clicking on a link will bring you to a review of that specific variety of snus. Snus is also categorized by its nicotine strength. I am currently working on choosing my favorite brand of snus from each category in order to put together my recommended flavors to try in each category.

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These brands of snus are defined as having a tobacco dominant flavor.


These varieties of snus are characterized as having a fruit dominant flavor to them. Some of them may have a slight tobacco taste, but the main taste is fruit.


These brands of snus are characterized by their herbal taste.


These flavors of snus have a mint dominated flavor, and taste cool in the mouth. The exception is Lucky Strike Nites, which is actually more of a menthol cooling effect, as one of our readers pointed out.

Special edition snus

The following brands of snus are limited edition or special brands of snus.