American vs Swedish Snus

Posted by James in Snus experiences

Although Snus is very popular in Sweden, it is not yet well established in other countries. Due to increased smoking bans and public awareness concerning the dangers of cigarette smoking, tobacco companies are beginning to start marketing and distributing Snus in countries other than Sweden. For example prominent tobacco companies such as Altria have begun to launch their own versions of Snus for sale in the U.S. Currently, the two prominent brands in the United States are Camel and Marlboro Snus. They come in a variety of flavors, and are all mini portions.

Camel Snus

American Camel Snus

After having used Swedish Snus for a few months, I decided to give American Snus a try. I selected General Dry Mini Mint as my American test Snus. General is a Swedish manufactuer of Snus, but their Dry Mini Mint version is only available in the United States. It is similiar to Camel Frost, and comes in a mini portion.

General Dry Mini Mint

General Dry Mini Mint American Snus

The first thing that I noticed about General Dry Mini Mint is the flavor. Unlike Swedish Snus, it is very sweet, and has no noticeable tobacco taste. For those who don’t enjoy traditional tobacco flavored Snus, this will be a welcome difference in taste. In my opinion though, it is too sweet. I prefer the minty taste of Catch Dry Eucalyptus, which is a Swedish Snus with a mint flavor. It has a mint flavor, but tastes less of artificial sweeteners and has a slight tobacco taste to it.

The mini mint portions are small, and fit very comfortably in my mouth. The downside of these portions though is their low nicotine content. I did not get a nicotine buzz from this snus, and smokers who plan to switch from cigarettes to Snus may find American Snus a little lacking in nicotine content compared to Swedish brands (American snus has approximately 4mg of nicotine per portions, whereas Swedish brands can vary between 4 and 16mg depending on the brand and type. The lack of strength selection in the American Snus is a major downside.

In conclusion, American Snus is very different from its Swedish counterpart.  It is very sweet tasting, and lacks a significant nicotine kick. I will continue to stick to Swedish style Snus rather than American out of preference, but I strongly suggest trying both styles of Snus to determine your preference.

American Snus

  • Can easily be purchased from retail locations (including gas stations and convenience stores)
  • Very sweet tasting
  • Low nicotine content (may not be as satisfying to smokers as Swedish Snus is)
  • Lack of selection compared to Swedish Snus