Snus and Sports

Posted by James in Snus experiences

For the past month, I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had the opportunity to post as much as I’d like to here on Snus Authority. However, I’ve been trying to put aside some time so that I can continue posting snus news, reviews, and other goodies here, and today I’ve decided to write a little piece on my experiences with snus while playing sports.

When I used to smoke it was difficult to get my nicotine fix while playing sports, and I could always tell that smoking negatively impacted my endurance. Once I finally made the switch from smoking to snus, I noticed that not only did my endurance improve, but I could also enjoy it while playing! Here are some of the sports that I’ve had experience snusing and playing:

Hockey – Being from Canada means that I’ve grown up playing hockey in various organized leagues as well as social beer leagues with friends. I find that mini portions are great to use when you’re playing, because they fit well in your mouth and give you a slight nicotine kick which in my experience helps me to stickhandle better.

Golf – I’ve previously written on article on the joys of golfing and snus, and I find that snus goes quite well with golf. I can hit the ball better with snus in, because it helps me to relax and smooth out my swing.

Baseball – I like playing softball, and I find that snus goes excellent with both baseball and softball. Many baseball players chew tobacco or use dip, but snus has the advantage of not needing to spit. I find that since quitting smoking and switching to snus, I’ve been able to run the bases faster, and feel less out of breath when I do.

Cycling – I bike a lot to get around the city in nice weather, and it is a great source of exercise. I find I have no problem cycling with snus in, and I’ve seen my stamina improve quite a bit since I’ve given up smoking. I can now bike faster and for longer, and no longer feel out of breath.

Overall, if you’re an athlete who smokes, I highly recommend taking a look at trying some snus. Not only will you find your endurance to improve, but you’ll also be able to enjoy nicotine during gametime! If you’ve any experience with snus and sports, feel free to share it in the blog comments!