Camel Snus Flavors

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Currently, there are five flavors of Camel Snus on the market, and they each have a different taste to them. Compared to Swedish Snus, American Snus tastes a little sweeter and less salty. Camel Robust and Winterchill snus was made available in the United States in the summer of 2010.

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With the addition of Robust and Winterchill to the Camel snus lineup, R.J. Reynolds has increased increased the amount of tobacco to 1 gram per pouch, which is on par with most Swedish varieties of snus. Currently, there are 15 pouches of snus per tin.

Camel snus lineup 2010 448x336 Camel Snus Flavors

The new Camel Snus lineup

Camel Frost Snus flavors:

  • Camel Frost Snus ┬áhas a refreshing mint taste.
  • Camel Spice Snus tastes a bit like┬ácinnamon.
  • Camel Original Snus tastes a little bit like molasses and tobacco
  • Camel Robust (New)
  • Camel Winterchill (New)

Also, make sure to take a look at the various flavors of snus in order to find a brand that suits your liking!

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Camel Snus Robust and Winterchill compared to an older variety of Mellow. Notice the larger portions in the newer cans.