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Update: Phillip Morris is currently running a Marlboro Snus Challenge from Feb 14th-April 10th, 2011. I wish everyone who enters the best of luck!

The New Marlboro Snus Tins

I figured that since I’ve already done a little write up about Camel Snus flavors, I may as well outline the Marlboro Snus flavors. Marlboro Snus is available in the following flavors:

  • Marlboro Snus Peppermint
  • Marlboro Snus Spearmint
  • Marlboro Snus Rich
  • Marlboro Snus Mild

Marlboro Snus makes use of a “flavor strip” technology, which supposedly makes it taste sweeter and less salty to better suitAmerican palates. With all forms of Snus (and unlike chewing or dipping tobacco), there is no need to spit when using it. A variety pack also exists, which allows consumers to sample the different flavors of Marlboro snus.

From personal experience, I find that Marlboro Snus lacks any significant amount of Nicotine, and is overly sweet for my tastes. It is also a lot more expensive in comparison to Swedish brands of Snus (for what you get), and tastes much less satisfying. In order to find a Swedish Snus retailer near you, take a look at the General Snus website and use their handy “Snus locator” program. Remember, don’t judge Snus by its American counterpart, make sure to try the Swedish varieties as well!

The New Marlboro Cans Open