Make a Snus humidor in four simple steps!

Posted by James in Snus tips & tricks

Here is a really cool way of creating a built-in humidor for your Snus cans, thanks to forums user Rambler! I plan to try this method out myself with some cans, it looks like it should work quite well in making a can of Snus last longer:

I came up with this method the other day while I was lamenting my dreid out portions.

Here it is. Instead of placing a piece of apple of other produce in the snus box I decided to make my own Snus box humidore that is built into the box.

This works great for me since I am a slow snuser. Only about 6 to 8 portions a day.
Let me know if you think of an improvement!!

  • Take a snus box with an “ashtray lid”

A Snus can with the ashtray top

  • Remove the lid and drill several holes in the bottom part of the lid.

Make some holes like this

  • Now stuff the cap of the lid with paper towel or whatever type of moisture holding media you choose and soak it with water (i used spiced rum).

The moist paper towel goes in the Snus lid

  • Now snap the cap with the paper towel back in to the lid and presto!! You have a built in Humidor.

The lid of the Snus can

Let me know if this works for you, and don’t forget to check out this excellent thread where this tip originated from to give thanks to Rambler and share your ideas.

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