New 2012 Snus Releases from Swedish Match

Posted by James in Snus news

We’re nearly two weeks into the 2012 new year and already a number of new snus products have been released or in the process of being released. In addition to new offerings from V2 Tobacco and others, I’ve recently leaned that major snus manufacturer Swedish Match will be releasing quite a few new types of snus at the beginning of next month. In addition to releasing new snuses, the General Smooth brand will be discontinued during the second week of February, apparently due to low sales. If you’re a fan of Smooth, I suggest that you stock up now.

Sometime within the first week of February, a limited edition of Göteborg’s Rapé called Åre will be released. The Åre edition is the same as the original Göteborg’s Rapé, except with a different can design (similar to how Swedish Match released the Joint Challenge edition of Göteborg’s Rapé which had a pretty awesome camouflage design). In addition to Åre, a kardus version of GR will go on sale during the same week.

Göteborg's Rapé Åre

During the second week of February, Swedish Match will ship the first member of this years Catch Collection snus, called Catch Lafayette Street. It’s a mini white portion snus with .5 grams of snus per pouch, and each can comes with 20 pouches. The flavor is supposed to be spearmint, which sounds pretty tasty.

Catch Lafayette Street Promo Banner

Also during the second week of February, General Strong Mini White will be released, with .5 grams of snus per mini portion. Since I like the size and kick of Thunder Mini portions I’m looking forward to Strong Mini White being able to pack a punch while at the same time be discreet in any situation.

General Strong Mini White

The last snus to be released in the second week of February is General Long Extra Strong, however the catch is that its for Norwegian markets only. I’ve reviewed General Long and Strong before and enjoyed it, so I think those who are looking for a stronger snus with minimal drip will enjoy this one. Each can will come with 24 portions with .9 grams of snus per portion. The nicotine level is approximately 2% per portion.

General Long Extra Strong

Once these snuses become available, I’ll do my best to post some reviews of each one!