Possible End to The EU Snus Ban?

Posted by James in Snus news

It looks like there is some hope growing for snus users living in the EU under the snus ban. Despite being over 98% safer than cigarette smoking, the EU has had a ban on the sale of snus for a number of years now for being a smokeless tobacco. Earlier this month, Swedish trade minister Ewa Bjorling met with the EU Health Commissioner John Dalli, and has raised questions on the ban, prompting the EU to state that they will be reviewing the ban on snus before the introduction of a new EU tobacco law which is set to come into effect in spring 2012. I truly hope that the ban on snus in the EU will be reversed so that people living in the EU can have easy access to snus. Since I switched from cigarettes to snus, I have been feeling much healthier and no longer get sick as often as when I smoked.

From a public policy standpoint, reversing the ban makes sense because it promotes tobacco harm reduction by offering people who enjoy nicotine a much safer alternative to cigarette smoking. I find it highly hypocritical to see that cigarettes continue to be permitted sold in the EU, yet safer alternatives such as snus remain prohibited. Christofer Fjellner and Europeans for Snus have been doing good work in spreading the message and increasing public awareness towards the cause.

In other news, I have purchased a Canon dSLR camera along with a tripod in order to take better review photos for visitors of Snus Authority. During the next few weeks I will also work to replace some of the older photos I have with newer and higher quality ones. Below is a comparison between photos taken with my older camera and my newer one. With the newer camera, you can see the texture of the snus much better, which should come in handy for loose snus reviews.

I’m also working on getting some new brands of snus in order to review, so stay tuned!

Kardus 2011 Photographed With The Old Camera

Kardus 2011 Photographed With The New Camera