General Onyx Review

Posted by James in Snus reviews

Not too long ago, I received a package of various brands of snus to review, courtesy of my friends over at Northerner. One of the brands contained in the package was General Onyx, a brand that I have been excited to try for a while now. Launched in 2006 by Swedish Match, General Onyx is a white portion snus and is produced with a special tobacco blend that comes in a new pouch form and deluxe packaging.

General Onyx, with portions arranged in a star formation


General Onyx has a dominant taste of tobacco, with hints of lemon and black pepper. I find Onyx to be extremely smooth tasting, and it has just the right balance of tobacco and other flavors, resulting in a smooth yet satisfying taste. I find the taste of Onyx to be extremely balanced and it has quickly become one of my favorite brands of snus (especially in the morning when I’m looking for something with a bit of a kick to go with my morning coffee). General Onyx has 11mg of nicotine per portion, making it a strong portion snus.

The General Onyx tin is both simple and classy


The portions in the General Onyx tin come wedged and pre-arranged in a star formation, much like many other brands that come from Swedish Match. I think Swedish Match has the right idea when it comes to wedging and arranging portions in a star formation. Not only is each portion easily accessible, but they also come pre-shaped for an ideal fit in the mouth. The material used to make Onyx’s portions is a soft black material (it reminds me of the material used in Nick & Johnny Black) and is very comfortable in my lip, producing no burning sensation (hence its smooth taste!). Another thing that I liked about Onyx was that it creates very little drip. I was able to leave a portion in for an hour and a half, and the flavor was still going strong.

I also must mention that I find the General Onyx tin itself to be very nice and classy looking. Onyx has an embossed logo covered in a shiny reflective material. The tin is very sleek and sophisticated looking, and most people I know (including a picky but very talented web designer) have found it to be of good design.

An excellent all-around snus


In conclusion, General Onyx is a premium snus, and lives up to its promise. The flavor is very smooth, and I find that the subtle hint of lemon compliments the natural flavor of the tobacco. The portions are also very comfortable, and produce very little drip. I highly recommend trying General Onyx at least once, chances are you won’t regret doing so!

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