Jakobsson’s Strong Melon Review

Posted by James in Snus reviews

After a bit of a hiatus here on Snus Authority, I’ve come back with a review of Jakobsson’s Strong Melon here for readers to enjoy. Strong Melon is a relatively new release from the folks at Jakobsson’s, and it caters to a newly emerging demand for more fruit flavored snus brands.¬†Every can of Strong Melon portion contains 20 grams of snus, and Strong Melon has a nicotine content of 14mg/g. Since there is only .71g of snus per portion, this comes to a total of 9mg per portion, classifying it as a moderately strong portion snus.

Once I opened my can of Strong Melon, I was instantly greeted with an aroma of juicy watermelon. Many of my friends commented on how sweet the snus smelled, and even those who don’t snus felt that it was a nice aroma. As soon as a put a portion in, the aroma of sweet melon transferred to a taste of a very ripe watermelon mixed with a tad of banana, and it was extremely pleasant. I wasn’t able to detect any tobacco taste, and even when the watermelon flavor subsided, I noticed a sugary taste instead of tobacco. The portions were slightly moist and fit comfortably in my mouth, and I felt that I could keep a portion in for about 40 mintues before the drip began to become too overpowering for me. I received a nicotine buzz fairly quickly on, but it wasn’t as powerful as other strong varieties of snus.

Jakobsson’s Melon Strong has a tasty watermelon flavor

In summary, Jakobsson’s Strong Melon is a great new entry catering to a growing population of people who enjoy fruit flavored snus blends. I have had Strong Melon in my daily rotation for about a week now, and I find that it is a great shift from the tobacco flavored brands that act as. However, because of the sweetness I can’t see myself using this as an everyday snus.

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