Kardus 2012 Review

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Kardus 2012

A few days ago, I awoke to the sound of the postman at my door. Much to my surprise, it was a package of the 2012 Kardus from the folks over at Snus Direct! For those of who who are unfamiliar with Kardus, it is a limited edition premium snus released each year before Christmas. Every year, a different blend of tobacco and flavoring is used, and I have enjoyed both the 2010 and 2011 Kardus tastes, so I was excited to give this year’s version a try. Only 600 numbered Kardus boxes were produced this year, making it a truly rare snus.

Limited Edition!

The first thing I noticed about 2012 Kardus, was how nicely packaged it came. The outside of the box contained a small book highlighting how the Kardus was made, and was wrapped in a nice gift style wrapping. The box smelled strongly of wood, which was hand crafted in Sweden. This year’s version of Kardus contains carefully selected hand picked tobacco from the small village of Cincho in western Spain. The snus was much darker than the previous versions of Kardus, and appeared to be black in color.

The flavor was very rich

Upon opening my box, I noticed a strong ammonia smell, combined with sherry, tobacco, and licorice. The smell of this year’s Kardus was very strong as well as fresh. After I placed a portion in my mouth, I immediately noticed a spicy flavor, which I imagine comes from the sherry. The sherry itself is called Cuco Oloroso, and it comes from a Spanish town called Jerez. The sherry has an elegant and nuanced nutty fragrance and flavor with elements of dried figs, sultanas, light syrup and licorice, and some of these flavors were present in the snus. The salt content was optimal, and I didn’t find this year’s Kardus to bee too salty. I was very surprised how rounded out the tobacco flavor was. Although it was present during the entire time, it was subtle and didn’t overpower the other flavors.  Over time, the tobacco flavor began to become stronger, and the other flavors diminished. I kept my pinch in for about an hour before I began to lose flavor.

Rather than make a portion out of Kardus, I simply put a pinch in my lip as I do dipping tobacco. The tobacco is hand cut instead of being ground (like most snus brands are), so it is easy to keep in your mouth. The snus produced a tingling sensation similar to Skruf Stark, and I quite enjoyed the feeling. My only real complaint was that afterwards I needed to rinse my mouth out, as pieces of tobacco tended to get stuck in my teeth.

In my opinion, the 2012 Kardus is delicious, and it has been my favorite Kardus to date. The tobacco is cut to just the right size, and it stays together well in my mouth. The flavors are also interesting, and it is neat to see how the flavor transitions over time. If you’re a fan of tobacco flavored snuses, or are simply looking to try something out of the ordinary, I highly recommend picking up some of this year’s kardus over on Snus Direct. If you use the coupon code snusauthor during checkout, you will receive a 10% discount as well!