Skruf Stark Loose Review

Posted by James in Snus reviews

I recently received a roll of Skruf Stark Lös (loose) from the kind folks over at Snus Direct, and I’ve decided to write a review on it. I’m a big fan of the portioned version of Skruf stark, as well as Skruf Cranberry, so I was looking forward to trying the loose version.

Skruf Stark Loose

Skruf Stark loose contains 10mg of nicotine per gram of snus, and has 42 grams of snus per can, making it a strong variety of snus. Since loose snus is generally priced the same as portioned snus is, you can get almost double the snus for the same price (you do lose some of the convenience of having portions though) by purchasing loose.

Upon opening the can, I was greeted with a nice aroma of tobacco and bergamot. The snus was finely ground and quite moist, making it very easy to form. I used my 3mL IceTool to create a fairly large portion, and the portion held together in my mouth very well for half an hour. The flavor began as having a medium-strong bergamot flavor, which eventually gave way to a smoother tobacco flavor as time went on. I found the overall flavor to be smoother than the portioned skruf stark, and there was not nearly as much of a burning sensation with the loose. I enjoyed it, but I do really like the strong flavor of the portioned variety.

Overall, Skruf Stark Loose is a great tasting snus with a dominant tobacco flavor. Its higher nicotine content packs quite a punch, and because its loose you have more control in how much snus you use at once. If you’re looking for a tasty yet milder alternative to portioned skruf, give this snus a try!

You can purchase Skruf Stark Los on Snus Direct with a 10% discount using the coupon code SNUSAUTHOR at checkout!