Skruf Stark Review

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Initial thoughts

Skruf Stark is a Swedish Snus made by Skruf, and is similiar in taste to that of  Skruf original, but it packs a much stronger nicotine kick. After placing the portion in my mouth, the first thing I notice is the taste. Skruf Stark is strong flavored, and is one of the only types of Snus that gives me a subtle burning feeling while in place (which I actually love!). After about five minutes, I can taste a bit of bergamot and another strong tasting flavor (I believe it is rose oil), which is nice if you enjoy stronger flavored Snus like I do.


After about 5 minutes, you will begin to feel the nicotine buzz, which will be stronger than what you are used to with regular portions. When I first used Skruf Stark, I had to take the portion out after 15 minutes -it was that potent! Despite this, you will get used to the higher nicotine content quite quickly, and once you are used to the higher nicotine levels, you can keep the portion in for up to about an hour to an hour and a half comfortably.

Skruf Stark snus 300x237 Skruf Stark Review

Skruf Stark Snus

Portion design

I love the flavor of Skruf Stark, but I am not so found of their portions. I find that the portions are a little too fat, producing a bit of a bulge in my upper lip. If they could make the portions a little wider, it would really make it much more enjoyable for me to use in public (which I currently don’t do). I especially recommend this Snus to smokers looking to quit smoking, as it will provide a good nicotine kick that the regular portions may not give you.


Skruf Stark is an excellent Snus for those looking for a bigger nicotine kick than what regular Snus offers. It is strong tasting, but not overly strong, and is a terrific all-around contender in the stark market.